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So it’s your first time here…

POSTED BY RICK CLAY · MAY 07, 2012 7:30 AM ·
We seem to be divided in many ways.  Private and public sector, “red” and “blue”, old and young, talkers and doers.  Does anyone really believe that what we’re doing now is working?

It seems to me that the more obvious the failure, the more entrenched our positions have become.

So I’m launching The Gist Blog.

The Gist is a new blog focusing on the economic crisis, politics and government… and any anything else that catches my interest. What’s different about The Gist is that I’m looking to help discover some consensus in a very divided America.  You’d have to be nuts to think we can keep doing what we’ve been doing and get good results for much longer!

By way of introduction, here are some things I think I know about me:

  • There are two kinds of people.  One kind knows they know nothing about what will happen in the future.  The other kind doesn’t know that they know nothing about what will happen in the future.  I like to think I’m in the first group.
  • When it comes to the questions of the day, most people are like me. They first form their opinion and then find persuasive data to support it.  I get that my data is the result of my biased search as, most likely, is yours.  That’s why I’m so interested in your data.  If we’re ever going to agree on anything, I’ll need you to find some facts I won’t find without you.
  • I think we need more choices.  More candidates asking for our support and more companies asking for our business
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