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Tilting at straw men: part 1- Open Immigration

November 11, 2012

Most US conservatives look back fondly on the nineteenth century as a period when smaller government and less regulated markets produced several decades of above average growth in the economy as well as a rapid rise in the role of the USA in world affairs.

While this is certainly true, isn’t it also obvious that a major factor in this spectacular rise was open immigration?

Between the Civil War and the end of World War I millions of immigrants came to America. They came from everywhere. They came fleeing political repression. They came  hoping for a better life. They all came voluntarily, choosing at great personal cost to leave their homes and start over here.  There’s a good chance much of your family was in this group.

When they arrived, if they were healthy and had some place to stay, we let them in!

So my challenge to the both the left and the right today is this…

Why wouldn’t this work as well today as it did a hundred years ago?

Please use the comments to explain it to me.

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