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Tilting at straw men: part 3 – What’s Wrong with Amnesty?

November 11, 2012

As Americans, we seem to love starting wars against almost anything. We’ve been fighting and funding wars against drugs and poverty for more than fifty years with no sign of victory. Decades of failure doesn’t seem to slow us down but every so often social change happens.

It’s pretty clear that “the war against gay marriage” has been lost. Having worked as a “base motivator” in the 2000 and 2004 elections, it seems to have lost its power. As a child in the fifties (and student in the sixties), I’m not sure I knew what gay was.  Of course, we all had an “odd” uncle or two but the real eye-opener has been my discovery that many of the people I liked the most turned out to be gay!  High school friends, college roommates, most of my wife’s prom dates… gay! Turns out like millions of others, I knew and liked these people all along!

Everyone under the age of fourty grew up in a different world. They knew some of their high school friends and college roommates were gay all along. And they didn’t care! So if this war is over and gay people can marry, raise children, visit each other in the hospital and get divorced and pay alimony…what are we to do with the losers?

I suggest Amnesty. The opponents argued their case and lost.  Let’s welcome them back into “civilized” society and let bygones be bygones.

Most of my generation fought the Vietnam war, some in it… lots more against it. Some dodged the draft. Some fled to Canada. Some later became President. After tearing us apart for a decade, suddenly it was over. What did we do? Amnesty.

It’s what works.

  1. Linda Verin permalink

    Neither of my prom dates were gay that I know of. Many of my other dates & friends were – proud of it!

  2. Well heck, we should sit down and write the War Against Gays and Lesbians Amnesty Act. Address it to all of congress, state governments, local governments, priests, preachers, the residents of rural Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and most of Texas. Rednecks, hate mongers, Latinos (illegal and legal), And the list goes on.
    I have never understood people who react negatively towards the gay and lesbian community. We wouldn’t have dog groomers, hair stylists, chefs, certain musical styles, most art, fashion designers, writers, publishers, designers, and truly nice people.
    The example I love to use is, I worked for the owner of a company (not you Rick) that had a pair of what I like to call foo foo dogs. He would take them to a groomer in secret so his friends and fellow church members wouldn’t see him. He was so anti gay he wouldn’t rent space to a pet shop because the owner was gay. I asked him once why he took his dogs to the gay dog groomer. His words were “they may suck something’s but they are the best when it comes to taking care of my dogs.” I often wonder if he knew his daughters doctor was gay.
    The problem with giving amnesty to the people who lost this war is most can’t spell it and just about all can’t define it

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