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Tilting at straw men: part 2- The Path to Citizenship

November 11, 2012

For most Americans, the “path to citizenship” is inheritance!  We have done nothing more than belong to the “lucky sperm club” by being born here or to American parents.

If we’re going to have rules and tests to determine whether a newly arrived person is allowed to become a US citizen, shouldn’t these rules and tests be applied to all, including the native born when they come of age?

A few seconds watching “Jay-Walking” on the Leno show would demonstrate that many might not pass.  Both conservatives and liberals should agree that “What’s sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander”.

Explain to me in the comments why people who are willing to learn a little of our history and a lot about how our country is supposed to work shouldn’t be allowed to join in and help make it better for everyone?

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