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Presidential Debates

October 3, 2012

Well, here we go again.  The nation waits with bated breath… many hoping the other teams cantidate will utter that news making gaffe that will tilt the election in their preferred direction.  What are the chances that either President Obama or Governor Romney will say anything sensible about our real problems:

  • A generation going to waste. Well educated young people like my kids and their friends who can’t get their careers going.  Which party is talking about  clearing out the mass of regulations, taxes, licences, requirements and laws that make it so hard for two adults to voluntarily trade money for work.  Isn’t it obvious that the more we raise the price of work the fewer jobs we’ll have?  Once we legislate out all the risk and prevent every bad thing from happening can anything good happen?
  • Real tax reform.  The idea is to raise the money the government spends, that’s all!  Instead of talking points about raising taxes on the rich or on the middle class let’s start over with no deductions, credits or special favors.  Then a simple, progressive flat tax with a few brackets like no tax on your first $15,000, maybe 10% on your next $100,000, 20% on your next $500,000 and 25% on anything over.  Every deduction in the tax code represents two bad things: a thumb on the scales whose only purpose is to get people to do something they would not choose to do without the tax reason and a point of corruption in our political system.  Whoever benefits from the deduction will provide funding to politicians who will then support, defend and enlarge it.  Every special provision in our code is sold as helping some special cause but who it really helps is the politicians who push it and the business men who profit from special treatment once it’s enacted.  Remove the special treatment and let people make their own best decisions.
  • Real Government Reform.  Everyone can see we have too many people working at the DMV and they don’t really do that good a job.  We all understand that the explosion in Social Security Disability recipients isn’t due to more people being hurt at work, every kind of work is getting safer, it’s lots of people manipulating a well intentioned program for their personal benefit.

A large majority of Americans want a functioning federal goverment that delivers much needed services efficiently and effectively.  We don’t have that now. It seems to me if you’re running for the top job you owe it to us to stop wasting our time with partisan nonsense and tell us

“How do you plan to lead the change from the piss poor government we have today to one more deserving of our time, attention and money.

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