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If they had the money…

September 11, 2012

If they had the money, the good things that government could do is limitless.  Same for you.  The problem is that resources are limited.  Taking resources from the private sector reduces their ability to make things better.  So no, just because you could do some thing good if you had the money, that doesn’t mean you SHOULD have the money!

One Comment
  1. I agree, sort of. My issue is that the government gives out loans to business and people with no set standard. I can be a 42 year old woman with 6 kids on welfare and food stamps and get a 1.2 million dollar loan from the government. on the other hand a can be a respectable struggling small business owner that pays taxes and doesn’t cheat and be turned down for a 150K loan from the same government.
    Why is this?
    Granted I won’t buy a new car or go to the casino with it but i will stimulate the economy.

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