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Do phony campaign “memes” cause climate change?

July 16, 2012

Every four years, the US presidential election campaigns fire up the big guns around the time the Olympics move to the head of the sports queue.  Of course the public doesn’t get interested in the election until after Labor Day, so for sixty days or so high powered media experts manufacture “memes” designed to break through the clutter and capture a cycle or two of the cable news feed.

Lately we’ve been treated to these two doozies…

From the Republicans:  Once the Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act is actually a “tax”, the right has been claiming that Obamacare  is now “the biggest tax increase in history”!  Never mind that if you have health insurance (which most people do) you won’t owe the “tax” or if you’re poor and don’t owe taxes (which describes a lot of the people who don’t have healthcare) you also won’t owe the tax.

The truth is almost nobody will pay anything under the ACA mandate penalty “tax” unless the choose to  because they’re young or healthy and understand that the “tax” is lots cheaper than their health insurance which under the ACA they can now buy after they get sick!

From the Democrats:  Mitt Romney lied about when he left Bain Capital so we can blame him for any bad stuff that happened there between 1999 and 2002.   Never mind that Bain Capital appears to have had a pretty good track record in saving companies that were dying, whether you look before or after Mitt Romney stopped actively running it.
The truth is that Mitt Romney made a ton of money for himself and his investors by saving, not looting, companies that were already in trouble or they wouldn’t have been dealing with private equity.  Then he appears to have taken an immense pay cut to take over the scandal plagued and nearly broke Salt Lake City Olympic Committee full time in 1999 and not only tamed the scandal and solved the financial crisis… but also put on a pretty good Winter Olympics to boot!
When our nation appears to have real problems which we need to begin to solve and turns to our political leaders (?) for ideas…this is the best they’ve got?  Since nobody believes this c**p anyway, can all this hot air be  causing the very hot summer we’re having?

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