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July 15, 2012

Most people agree that private enterprise can be very successful at creating new wealth.  People do differ though in their responses to the inequality which can result.  We all know life is unfair, but is there something about this “unfairness” that’s different than other kinds?

Perhaps because it seems that this “unfairness” should be so easy to eliminate.

Two quick thoughts on the subject:

  • Hasn’t history shown that taking wealth from the top and redistributing it to those at the bottom can have unintended consequences which might be more unfair than the problem we’re trying to solve?
  • Isn’t the real issue how the people at the bottom are doing?  If some 21st century entrepreneur invented a product that provided its owner with adequate food and shelter for free forever (and we could afford to give this robot to every person at birth) would it really matter that the inventor made an immense fortune if everyones life is dramitacally improved?  Would we want to not have this product, even though it might increase “unfairness” in our society?

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